Cathodic Protection - Products

Some of the products that are readily available at the warehouse of the company are :

  • Transformer Rectifier Unit
  • Sacrificial Anodes
  • Impressed Current Anodes
  • Linear Anodes
  • Junction Box
  • Test Station
  • Cables
  • Reference Cell
  • Pin Brazing
  • Coke Breeze

MATCOR Products

The exclusive agreement with MATCOR-USA enables CIPL to provide their world class products in India which are:

  • MATCOR SPL TM Anode - Factory packed with coke backfill in a porous cloth housing
  • Mixed Metal Oxide Anode (Rod/Strip/Tubular/Wire/Mesh/Ribbon)
  • Platinum (Ribbon)
  • Graphite (Rod/Wire)
  • Silicon Iron (Rod/Tubular)
  • FBR AnodeĀ  (AST tanks, Rocky or high soil resistance areas)
  • MESH Anode (AST tanks, Marine and water application)
  • GFC Anode
  • HDP Anode (Inside Concrete, AST tanks, Marine and Water application)
  • Mini Deep TM Anode
  • PW Anodes (Sea water application)
  • PF Anode (Water tanks)
  • Probe Anode (Internal surface of Pipeline, Vessels, Process equipment)

Imported and Specialist Products

  • Solid State Polarization Cell
  • Electrolyte Type Polarization Cell
  • Surge Diverter
  • Reference Cell
  • ER Probes
  • Thermit Weld Kit
  • Coke Breeze
  • Big Fink Test Station

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